Word and Image: Intermedial Aspects
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Nöth, Winfried. 2001. „Word and Image: Intermedial Aspects“. MedienPädagogik: Zeitschrift für Theorie und Praxis der Medienbildung 2001 (Occasional Papers): 1-8. https://doi.org/10.21240/mpaed/00/2001.08.06.X.


Copyright (c) 2001 Winfried Nöth

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The concepts of ‘word’ and ‘image’ are not synonymous with ‘verbal’ and ‘visual communication’ although they are often restricted to these modalities of sign use. Words and images are cross-medially related, and here are many overlaps. By ‘words’ I mean language, verbal texts or discourse, more generally: verbal communication. By ‘images’ I mean pictures and more generally visual communication, not mental images nor verbal images.